Vinca minor 'atropurpurea' agm

It was used most effectively as ground cover in a small, shady courtyard show garden at Chelsea 2012, and can be seen in the walled garden at NT Mottisfont forming a wonderful ground cover under a fig tree.
More Info tagliare frenulo linguale adulti Quick Buy 1 bare root geranium plant (V17788) within 24 hours.99 Just9.99 Delosperma 'Wheels of Wonder' Standard ice plants make excellent ground cover, providing low-maintenance and continuous flower power.
Viola - Yellow pansy.Height and spread: 50cm (20.Vitis vinifera 'Muscat of Alexandria' - Grapes growing in the gla.Cultivation Galium will spread quite vigorously, but it is a plant that will survive the toughest of dry shady conditions.Clusters of exotic-looking lime green flowers appear from spring through to early summer for added interest.Vinca major 'Wojo's Gem' is less assertive than vinca minor but equally vigorous, forming useful groundcover in virtually any garden conditions, perfect for those tricky spots where other plants refuse to grow.More Info Out of Stock 2 brunnera plug plants (V64050) Out Of Stock.99 4 brunnera plug plants (V64051) save* 6 Out Of Stock.98 2 Options From.99 Rhodohypoxis 'Lilly Jean' A beautiful double flowered variety, this delightful Rhodohypoxis 'Lilly Jean' will grace your.Vinca minor will root at the leaf nodes so is very useful for tricky situations particularly sloping sites.Cheerful blooms in shades of pink and white are borne in profusion above low-growing carpets of foliage.These gigantic Brunnera plants have heavily silver-veined leaves and make a dramatic statement in the landscape or make a dynamic specimen in a container!Full Shade, partial Shade, aspect, north-facing or East-facing or South-facing or West-facing.Use it to attract pollinating insects to your wildlife garden, or allow it to creep through rockeries or the front of borders.Easy and very effective.Drought Resistant Ground Cover Low Maintenance.More Info Quick Buy 5 bidens plug plants (V73322) by end of March 2018.99 Just7.99 Ajuga reptans 'Black Scallop' From late spring, mobili bagno online offerte Ajuga reptans 'Black Scallop' produces violet blue flower spikes that really stand out against its thick mat of shimmering black foliage.Verbascum phoeniceum 'Flush of White'.Out of Stock 4 geranium plug plant (V81371P) 2 plants 2 free Out Of Stock.98, just19.98, osteospermum 'Hardy Collection these superb African daisies are some of the easiest ground cover plants you can grow and theyre hardy too, so you can enjoy them year.Vitis 'Muscat Bleu' on vine - Grape.
Tomentosum Kilimanjaro Sunrise 'Jww5'.
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Viola odorata in wicker basket container.