Vinca major variegata indoors

vinca major variegata indoors

The height of Variegated Vinca varies and can grow up about 8-12 and then trail to liceo da vinci treviso materie 3 or more.
This groundcover can be used as an annual in cold climates.
It is not quite as hardy as the popular Vinca minor and is not quite as aggressive either.In severe temps of 0 it will have some leaf damage and a bit of die back.Variegated Vinca will fill in an area within a few short months.Some posts on this blog contain affiliate links.What many beginner gardeners do not know is that this is not just an annual but a perennial in zones 7-9.If you want to control it, then you need to keep it trimmed and within a border.It does have a pretty purple bloom in spring but do not let this pretty little plant get away from you.It will grow 2-3 foot to reach the ground.Just remember that you do not need to buy this plant every year.Variegated Vinca is a great spiller in container gardening.Our website uses cookies.Gardening tip, if you have this growing wild in an area near you, go dig it up and put it in a pot with your other annuals.I would love to know if this plant takes over in zones 4-6.If you live in a colder zone, then I would overwinter it in a garage, shed, or a cool room with a window.Find out how to manage cookies, home Plants Shrubs Vinca major 'Variegata goes well with.Do not buy it!