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Last Supper by Leonardo Da Vinci.
A selection of philosophical maxims, morals, polemics, fables, jests, studies in the lives and habits of animals, tales, and prophecies display Leonardo's abilities as a writer and scholar.Renaissance, which saw an emergence of new ideas, scientific discoveries and the creation of beautiful art.If his medicinal studies had been published, it would have revolutionised the science, comet sconti apple as he was one of the first to understand the circulation of blood within the body.He kept his personal life private and shared few details.These are miracles, the Notebooks of Leonardo da Vinci.He used to buy birds just so that he could release and enjoy watching them fly away.He adopted a vegetarian diet and would buy caged birds just so he could release them.Adoration of the Magi by Da Vinci.He also pioneered the use.Da Vinci expresses his love of truth: To lie is so vile, that even if it were in speaking well of godly things it would take off something from Gods grace; and Truth is so excellent, that if it praises but small things they become.In 1499, his patron.Volume 3 - Comparisons of the Arts; Precepts of the Painter; Colour; Landscape; Light Shade; Perspective; Artists Materials; Commissions; Sculpture; Casting; Architecture; Music; Tales; Jests; Fables; A Bestiary, Allegory; Prophecies; Personalia; Letters; Dated Notes; Books Miscellaneous.We, by our arts may be called the grandsons of God.However, it was never completed and was later destroyed.This artwork was to exert tremendous influence over future artists.Madonna of the Rocks (cropped) by Da Vinci Vasari removed this" in the second edition but, from his lifes work, we can see Da Vinci valued reason and was willing to question dogma passed down through the ages.In 1513 he travelled to the Vatican, Rome where he enjoyed the patronage of the new Medici Pope, Leo.The Notebooks of Leonardo da Vinci Da Vinci was a great perfectionist one reason why he completed so few paintings was that he never felt he had satisfactorily finished anything.For several days she came to Leonardo and sat for her portrait to be painted; however, she refused to smile.Personal life of Da Vinci.

Leonardo da Vinci ( ) is one of the worlds greatest thinkers, artists and philosophers.
Seeking after perfection, he created rare masterpieces of art such as The Mona Lisa and The Last Supper.