Leovince v6 am6

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Its link, pDF Information, certificate guaranteed, installation Instructions exploded.Here curve rev up compare to the original: And the curve of upshift compare to the original: So you can better imagine yet here is the wonderful sound of your pot beta RR Supermoto.Ideal for replacing an original exhaust, you will gain torque and speed even more than the V6!Indeed, we must admit it is a real success in aesthetic terms and give an ultra sporty look to your mécaboite.Make this piece an essential asset.Homoligiran - E pass, link na stranici : svi dijelovi od 50-250.On the other hand, its performance will be felt well thanks to its architecture, however, it remains bridled.Pistä peukkua jos tänne asti eksyit).Delivered 100 complete with all necessary hardware, its clamp mounted on rubber anti vibration block, connecting sleeve, clamps, springs has its articulated heads, certificate, note.Leovince V6 auspuh za mopede 50cc je pogodan za mopede nepreraenih, kao i za preradu 70cc sport.The racing look, it has a beautiful body rolled welded varnish finish and a top as usual with leovince!
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Not loud, melodious, its titanium muffler is beautiful.